Versatile Low Frequency Systems

VLF Series of Versatile Low Frequency systems is a comprehensive family of high performance subwoofers.  The VLF208 and VLF212 were the first in the series featuring a compact, low profile, no-grille design. VLF208 VLF212

The newer VLF208LV, a dual 8-inch in a larger volume enclosure than the ultra-compact VLF208, is designed for applications that require the lowest frequencies from a slim-profile design.  With a birch-ply enclosure measuring just 10 x 21.75 x 21.75 inches, a frequency response down to 40 Hz (-3dB) and an operating range to 30 Hz (-10dB), the 1000W program VLF208LV stunningly delivers low end power.   The VLF208LV is available in both black or white finishes.






Model Photos Brochure Spec Sheet Owner's Manual
VLF208 VLF208 VLF208 VLF208 VLF208
VLF212 VLF212 VLF212 VLF212 VLF212

Technical Drawings here

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Model Description  

The VLF-Y208 yoke bracket is designed to mount the VLF208 subwoofer in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.


The VLF Steered Array Bracketenables the construction of cardioid bass arrays, steered bass arrays, or vertical bass columns of VLF212 and VLF208 subwoofers, or combinations of both.