Weather Environmental Technology

Full-range, composite construction loudspeaker systems for indoor/outdoor use

Community's WET Series, consisting of WET II models, has long been known for delivering exceptional speech and music performance under the most extreme weather conditions. Ranging from smaller, two-way models designed for distributed systems to large two-way, three-way and subwoofer models for high-power applications, WET loudspeakers are ideal for water parks, theme parks, stadiums and sports fields and for indoor applications from gymnasiums to natatoriums.

WET II  products use a blend of sohisticated technologies to ensure they will withstand long-term exposure to severe environemental condistions.  To enhance durability, the curved multilayer glass composite form reduces standing waves within the enslosure for enhanced LF performance. 

WET II models utilize Community's leading-edge Carbon Fiber Cone Technology for lower mass and improved weather resistance, plus Ferrofluid cooled voice coils that increase power handling, reduce distortion, and prevent internal corrosion and oxidization of the driver assembly.

WET 315 and 322 enclosures sport a dramatic, streamlined look, with a grille edge that fully covers the fiberglass face-frame of the enclosure. When WET II enclosures are ordered in white, they include matching white powder-coated stainless steel grilles, as well as white bezels, gland nuts and cabling, making them a perfect fit for high-visibility installations.

WET loudspeakers are protected by a limited five-year product warranty plus a fifteen-year enclosure warranty.


WET II Series  Downloads
Model Photos Brochure Spec Sheet Owner's Manual
W2-218 W2-218 WET Series II W2-218 WET Series II
W2-228 W2-228 WET Series II W2-228 WET Series II
W2-2V8 W2-2V8 WET Series II W2-2V8 WET Series II
W2-2W8 W2-2W8 WET Series II W2-2W8 WET Series II
W2-215 W2-215 WET Series II W2-215 WET Series II
W2-312 W2-312 WET Series II -64H -94H WET Series II
W2-322L W2-322L WET Series II -64H -94H WET Series II
W2-315 W2-315 WET Series II -64H -94H WET Series II
W2-112 W2-112 WET Series II W2-112 WET Series II
W2-122 W2-122 WET Series II W2-122 WET Series II
W2-125 W2-125 WET Series II W2-125 WET Series II
Model Description  Guide
PMB-1RR Pole mount bracket kit, single loudspeaker, vertical downtilt to 90 degrees
Mounts a single W2-218, W2-228, W2-2W8 or W2-2V8.
PMB-2RR Pole mount bracket kit, single or dual loudspeakers in a "top-bottom" configuration, with left-to-right panning capability and limited vertical downtilt. PMB-2RR
PMB-BAND Stainless steel banding for use with PMB-1RR and PMB-2RR pole mount bracket kits, 92 inches (234 cm) PMB-BAND
BAND100FT Pole mount bracket banding, 100 feet (30.5m) BAND100FT
SSY25 25-3/4" long stainless steel mounting bracket kit for W2-312 and W2-112 (sold separately)  
W2-Y33B Plain steel yoke mounting kit for W2-122, W2-125, W2-215, W2-215, W2-315 and W2-322 loudspeakers, black and white finish available  W2-YY33B
SSY33KIT Stainless steel yoke mounting kit for W2-122, W2-125, W2-215, W2-215, W2-315 and W2-322 loudspeakers, black and white finish available  SSY33KIT

W2-218, W2-228, W2-2V8, W2-2W8
Weather-resistant stainless steel yoke-style mounting brackets included with product.


Technical Drawings here

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