Carpeted portable loudspeakers.

The CSX-S2 series is a broad range of loudspeaker systems designed for professional musical performances. The speakers offer an exceptional value to vocalists, instrumentalists, DJs, and club owners, with options for wide variety of applications, including permanent installations.

The group of products extends from the entry-level CSX25-S2 to the powerful CSX70-S2, a powerful system with a price/performance ratio that is unmatched in the industry. Four matching subwoofers and two stage monitors complete the series.

Model Spec Sheet Owner's Manual
CSX25-S2 CSX25-S2 CSX25-S2
CSX28-S2 CSX28-S2 CSX28-S2
CSX35-S2 CSX35-S2 CSX35-S2
CSX38-S2 CSX38-S2 CSX38-S2
CSX40-S2 CSX40-S2 CSX40-S2
CSX50-S2 CSX50-S2 CSX50-S2
CSX52-S2 CSX52-S2 CSX52-S2
CSX56-S2 CSX56-S2 CSX56-S2
CSX57-S2 CSX57-S2 CSX57-S2
CSX60-S2 CSX60-S2 CSX60-S2
CSX70-S2 CSX70-S2 CSX70-S2