Installation Case Studies


Marghera, Venice, Italy
Integrating Sound and Emergency Notification

Marghera, Italy lies five miles northwest of Venice. One of Venice’s six boroughs, Marghera’s population is approximately 30,000. That includes a large industrial port called Porto Marghera. 

The bustling port handles production activities such as petroleum refinery, metallurgy, electricity, and aluminum. While the industrial facilities that process and store chemical materials have their own alarm and warning systems, Marghera’s citizens remained understandably concerned about the potential danger.




St. Augustine's Church
Integrating Sound and Worship

St. Augustine’s beautiful interior is highly reverberant which is well suited for its pipe organ and 78-voice choir. However, the church’s acoustics have always been a challenge for voice intelligibility and the church has been unwilling to apply acoustic treatment that might detract from its attractive architecture and numerous murals.


venice web

Venice Flood Warning System
Integrating Sound and Emergency Notification

Venice, Italy is one of the most unique cities in the world. Built on 118 islands separated by canals on northeast Italy’s Adriatic Coast, Venice’s beautiful setting makes it a top tourist destination. While approximately 270,000 people live in Venice, an estimated 20 million visitors flock there each year. Its brick and stone buildings have foundations situated on wood piles in the water, which lie atop compressed clay beneath the floor of the Venetian Lagoon.



Centennial Hall
Integrating Sound, History and Culture

Centennial Hall is an historic venue in Wroclaw, Poland. Upon completion in 1913, it was the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world. In 2006, it made the UNESCO World Heritage List, which designates properties with cultural and natural heritage that have “outstanding universal value.”



St Gerald Catholic Church

St. Gerald Church
Integrating Sound and Worship

Saint Gerald Catholic Church is located in Ralston, Nebraska, just outside of Omaha. Built in 1995, the sanctuary's striking appearance features high ceilings, ornate glass and classic lines. The church lies near the geographic center of a large parish and seats 900 worshipers. Five weekend services are held there, in addition to daily masses.


 PMC RichmondRaceway

Sight and Sound
Improving Race Circuit Performance

Once upon a time, at racetracks around the world,
a cluster of loudspeaker horns were mounted on a truck or pole
located near the trackside announcer. A later practice was to mount horns on the catch fence along the grandstands. In North America, such simple small-horn systems are jokingly referred to as 'hoot and holler' sound systems, yet are seen to the present day.



Citizens Bank Park
Integrating Sound and Major League Baseball

Citizens Bank Park opened in April 2004 as the home of the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team. Located in South Philadelphia, the ballpark seats 43,651 fans. The Phillies were on track to draw over 3.6 million spectators during the 2010 season for the second consecutive year.



Whisper Night Club
Integrating Sound and Night Life

Whisper Night Club is a lively venue in Downtown Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square area that opened in October 2010. It immediately became one of the city’s premier nightspots. Whisper’s 8,000 square feet includes three lounge areas and six bars, as well as a balcony and VIP boxes overlooking the dance floor. It has 65 LED screens that put on an incredible light show.



G Lounge
Integrating Sound and Night Life

G is the place to be in Downtown Philadelphia. A fashionable crowd fills this trendy lounge/restaurant on weekend nights. G, which opened in December 2007, covers 10,000 square feet and holds up to 400 people. Its interior features several distinct rooms and settings, which makes it an ideal spot for private parties and events. With abundant seating, the club feels relaxed and comfortable even on busy nights.



Mount Rushmore
Upgraded Sound for a Treasured National Monument

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial welcomes nearly three million visitors each year. One of America’s most famous landmarks, it is located among the majestic Black Hills of South Dakota. Mount Rushmore features 60-foot high sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. It took 14 years and 400 workers to complete these remarkable carvings in 1941.


Mugello Circuit
Integrating Sound with a Famous Race Course

Mugello Circuit is a scenic racetrack that winds for 5.245 kilometers through the Italian countryside. Located in Italy’s Tuscany region near Florence, Mugello features several sharp turns and one long straightaway. The track is elevated in some sections, making the spectators feel like part of the action.



Notre Dame Stadium
Integrating Sound,and College Football

Notre Dame Stadium is among the most famous sports venues in the United States. The University of Notre Dame “Fighting Irish” have played football there since 1930, when legendary coach Knute Rockne led the team.



Integrating Sound and Themed Entertainment

Located  in  Hershey,  Pennsylvania, Hersheypark  originally  opened  in  1907.  Industrialist  Milton  Hershey,  founder  of  the
Hershey Chocolate Company, wanted a park that created  a  fun,  relaxing  environment  for  his factory  workers  and  area  residents.  Today, Hersheypark has expanded to offer over 65 rides and  attractions,  numerous  games,  and  live entertainment.  This  seasonal  amusement  park stays open from May through September.



St. Joseph's University FieldHouse
Integrating Sound and Athletics

The Michael J. Hagan Arena debuted in November 2009 as the home of the Saint Joseph's University men's and women's basketball teams. Located on the school's campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the arena underwent significant renovations to increase its size and capacity.



Talladega SuperSpeedway
Integrating Sound and RaceTrack Entertainment

The Talladega Superspeedway, located in Talladega County, Alabama, is one of America's most famous racetracks. Originally built in 1969, Talladega's grandstands can accommodate 143,231 fans, and the infield holds thousands more. The grandstand seating area on the track's west side is one mile long. The racetrack hosts two of NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series races annually, which take place in the spring and fall.



The Debrecen Competition Swimming Pool
Integrating Sound and Water Sports

Swimming is hugely popular in Hungary. The nation of 10 million people captured three silver medals in swimming at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, as well as its third consecutive gold medal in water polo. The Debrecen Competition Swimming Pool gives Hungarian athletes and their fans an elite modern facility to enjoy the sport. Located in Debrecen, Hungary's second-largest city, this venue hosted the European Short Course Swimming Championships in December 2007.



Dartmouth College Soccer Field
Integrating Sound and Athletics

When Dartmouth College soccer teams battle Ivy League rivals, they now have a top facility. Burnham Field became their new home in September 2007. Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth is America's ninth-oldest university. The field lies near a quiet residential area of Hanover, a town of 10,850 people.



Milton High School
Combining Voice Announcements with School Spirit

In Milton, Georgia, Milton High School officials suspected it was time to do something about the football stadium's sound system before the team opened its season. The sound system was outdated and it paled in comparison to the rest of the state-of-the-art facility. Attendees mentioned that they couldn't understand announcements and several home owners in the neighborhood complained of too much volume. Replacing the system was never a mandate; since, the always-tightening school budget understandably accounted for other priorities.



Countryside Baptist Church
Integrating Sound and Worship

The Countryside Baptist Church was founded in
September 1977 when 87 people gathered for its first
service.  Located  in  Clearwater,  Florida,  Countryside
opened  its  present  auditorium  in  November  1981.
Approximately  300  congregants  now  attend  Sunday
morning services.



The Baby Grand
Integrating Sound and Music

The Baby  Grand  is  the  smaller  of  two magnificent  venues  at  the  Grand  Opera  House  in Wilmington,  Delaware.  The  historic  Grand  first opened in 1871. The Baby Grand debuted next to the  Grand  in  September  2000.  The  Downtown
Wilmington location where it now stands had once been occupied by the Aldine Theatre.



Christ Community Church
Integrating Sound and Worship

Located in Murphysboro, Illinois, Christ Community Church began as a result of a tent revival that came to town in 1920.  In 1977, the church founded the Murphysboro Christian Academy and, in 1996, the church expanded by moving its worship services from 16th and Poplar Streets into the school's gymnasium.  The church continued to grow and, in March of 2006, they completed a beautiful new church home, pictured here.