V. Sue Cleveland High Gets Big Coverage from Community R-Series

Rio Rancho, NM - The Rio Rancho Public School District is one of the fastest growing districts in the Albuquerque area, and V. Sue Cleveland High School (better known as Cleveland High) is a product of that growth. The newest school in the district, Cleveland High opened their doors in the fall of 2009, replete with a high-tech concert hall and state-of-the-art audio and video systems.

Stan Roller and Associates of Naperville, IL did the school’s acoustical and A/V design work.  Albuquerque-based Sound and Signal Systems installed the A/V systems and did a separate design/build for the school’s football field, a simple but powerful sound system based around just three Community R-Series loudspeaker systems. As Sound and Signal Systems’ William Hartley explains, the system’s performance exceeded even his expectations.

Two R2-52 systems cover the home team seating, with an R2-94 firing across to the visitors’ seating area. “We’ve used the Community R-Series on a number of projects and have always been happy with the results,” Hartley reports. “Coverage is consistent and focused, and they’re built to withstand the elements.” QSC amplification powers the system, with a Bose Control system providing DSP.

“When we presented our design plan to the school board, they were a bit skeptical as to whether only three speakers would be enough to cover the entire stadium,” says Hartley. “But with a bit less than four weeks before the first game, they gave us a reluctant go-ahead. We went out there and installed the system, and called in their Facilities Manager and district Superintendents to inspect it. After a lengthy, critical inspection, walking up and down each and every bleacher, they congratulated us and said it was the best sounding system they had ever heard.”



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