Full-Range, Front-Loaded and Horn-Loaded Loudspeakers for Indoor/Outdoor Use


Community expands its premier R-Series family of all-weather/all-purpose high performance loudspeakers with eight new models, new-rseriesincluding compact coaxial systems and high broadband output performers. These new models represent the next generation of R-Series with their improved musicality and aesthetically streamlined appearance.

Three new compact models, the R.15COAX, R.35COAX, and R.35-3896, give systems designers increased flexibility by offering vastly improved music playback, additional coverage patterns and higher output in attractive paintable ABS enclosures. Five new R-MAX products, the R.5-66MAX, R.5-96MAX, R2-64MAX, R2-66MAX, and R2-94MAX, provide the most well-behaved, flattest musical response premium loudspeakers ever offered in the R-Series.

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R-Series Projection Distance Chart

Model Photos Brochure Spec Sheet Owner's Manual
R.15COAX R.15COAX R-Series R.15COAX R.15COAX
R.35COAX R.35COAX R-Series R.35COAX R.35COAX
R.5COAX R.5COAX R-Series R.5COAX66 66T 99 99T R.5COAX
R.25-Z R.25-Z R-Series R.25-94Z -94TZ R.25-Z
R.35-3896 R.35-3896 R-Series R.35-3896 R.35-3896
R.5 R.5-Z R-Series R.5-66Z -66TZ -94Z -94TZ
-99Z -99TZ
R.5HP R.5HP R-Series R.5HP R.5HP
R.5HPT   R-Series R.5HPT R.5HPT
R.5SUB R.5-SUB R-Series R.5-SUB R.5-SUB
R.5-MAX R.5-MAX R-Series R.5-66MAX -96MAX R.5-MAX
R2-MAX R2-MAX R-Series R2-64MAX -66MAX           -94MAX R2-MAX
R1-Z R1-Z R-Series R1-64Z-66Z-94Z R1-Z
R2-Z R2-Z R-Series R2-52Z-77Z-94Z-474Z-694Z R2-Z
R2 Defined Coverage
R6-51 R6-51 R-Series R6-51 R6-51
RMG-200A RMG-200A R-Series RMG-200A RMG-200A
RMG-200AT RMG-200AT R-Series RMG-200AT RMG-200AT
RSH-462 RSH-462 R-Series RSH-462 RSH-462

Technical Drawings here

Ease Focus/Ease/Ease GLL/Ulysses/CLF Data  here



Yoke style mounting bracket included with all R-Series models except R6-51, R6-BASSHORN and RMG200 products.  Community now offers the PMB Series Pole Mount Bracket Kits for mounting small R-Series and WET Series to poles and columns.

Model Description

Autotransformer for 70V and 100V lines, 200W @ 4 ohms or 8 ohms, Taps for full, ½, ¼ and 1/8 power


400-Watt Transformer, 8 Ohms
Transformer for 70V and 100V lines; 400W@ 8 ohms, taps for full, 1/2, and 1/4 power

TRC400 Transformer for 70V, 100V and 140V lines 400W @ 4 ohms, 200W @ 8 ohms
PMB-1RR Pole mount bracket kit, single loudspeaker, vertical downtilt to 90 degrees
Mounts a single R.25, R.5, RMG-200A, W2-218, W2-228, W2-2W8 or W2-2V8.
PMB-2RR Pole mount bracket kit, single or dual loudspeakers in a "top-bottom" configuration, with left-to-right panning capability and limited vertical downtilt. 
PMB-BAND Stainless steel banding for use with PMB-1RR and PMB-2RR pole mount bracket kits, 92 inches (234 cm)
BAND100FT Pole mount bracket banding, 100 feet (30.5m)
PMB Owner's Manual Pole mount bracket instruction guide
R-VTY15 Vari-Tilt Yoke for R.15 Enclosures. Provides pan-tilt aiming functions for R.15COAX loudspeakers.
R-VTY35 Vari-Tilt Yoke for R.35 Enclosures. Provides pan-tilt aiming functions for R.35COAX and R.35-3896 loudspeakers.
R-FRY35 Full Rotation Yoke for R.35 Enclosures. Provides full rotation mounting capability for R35COAX and R.35-3896 loudspeakers in down-firing applications.
RMG-GRL New optional grill kit for RMG-200 voice projection loudspeaker 
RSH-GRL New optional grill kit for RSH-462 voice projection loudspeaker