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Abilene Civic Center

Originally constructed in the late 1960s, the Abilene Civic Center is a spacious, multi-purpose venue with a live performance theater, an exhibit hall and a large conference center that can be subdivided to accommodate as many as four simultaneous events. In part because of its age, the conference center’s audio system did not meet the voice intelligibility or audio quality expectations of its many banquets, meetings, press conferences and other events, especially those that involved modern presentations or musical performances. Thus, in 2015, the city decided to upgrade the audio system. They wanted an easy-to-use system for simple meetings but they also wanted the ability to host events with dramatic or musical performances. They wanted a modern control system that would make it easy to configure the conference center for one large or multiple simultaneous events. And, they wanted a system that would provide both highly intelligible voice reinforcement and high-quality music production.