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Community Chosen by Interton for Debrecen Competition Swimming Pool

September 22, 2008

Debrecen, Hungary - The Debrecen Competition Swimming Pool is one of Hungary’s most modern sports facilities, handed over for the 11th European Short Course Swimming Championship.
‘It was the fulfilment of one of our longest dreams” said Lajos Kósa, Mayor of Debrecen, “To have a facility that serves the needs of the citizens, the fans of this wonderful sport and the swimmers themselves. Since the official opening ceremony, we have hosted the short-course National Championships, an international water-polo tournament and numerous other events”.
A special feature of the pool is a moving wall, which can be used to adapt the 50 metre pool to 33 or 25 metres. As well as the 50 metre competition pool, the complex has a 25 metre training pool, a teaching pool, a Jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna and an outdoor thermal water pool.
Providing good sound in a swimming pool is always a complex and difficult task. The requirements for Debrecen were common to the international sports facilities of its type; high SPL to overcome the significant background noise of the visitors, sound quality, weatherproof against high humidity and, last but not least, high speech intelligibility in a very reverberant environment.
To fulfill all of these criteria, Budapest-based Interton Ltd. designed and installed a system using Community R2 loudspeakers as an obvious and ideal choice.
The sound system designed by Interton for the main pool consists of six Community R2 loudspeakers, powered by QSC PLX3102 amplifiers. High SPL, quality sound and weatherproof finish was not a problem for the R2, which gave an average SPL above 110 dB, but, due to hard and reflective materials such as water, concrete, glass and tiles, the most problematic issue was speech intelligibility. To overcome this, Interton designed a unique cluster of R2’s, where six R2s were hung beneath each other, forming a high powered, critically aligned column. The solution provides an average STI of 0.47 and in some areas reaches 0.6.
Interton confirmed that both visitors and operators are completely satisfied with the result. During the 11th European Short Course Swimming Championship, organizers remarked that the sound reinforcement was excellent, the sound was clear and the speech intelligibility was by far the best compared to previous venues.
Interton also supplied a mobile sound system for the building, with for Community R5-94 loudspeakers providing sound for trainings and other local events.

Release Date: 
Monday, September 22, 2008