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Community Provides State-of-the-Art Sound for Guangzhou University City

September 21, 2008

Guangzhou, China -- Located in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou University is one of the largest and most prestigious university communities in China. With the largest investment in infrastructure in China’s higher education facilities to-date, Guangzhou University City is comprised of ten individual universities specializing in numerous disciplines. The university educates 200,000 students on a campus that houses 10 stadiums, 10 gymnasiums, 1 natatorium and 1 large central stadium. Sanecore Audio Ltd was appointed as the sound system designer and audio equipment supplier for 16 venues within this prominent “university city”. The dedicated team of Sanacore engineers was set the task of meeting the very highest criteria for audio within each facility, with results that were to be both measurable and audibly world-class.
Eight gymnasiums within the campus were outfitted with Community R-Series loudspeakers, Crest Audio CPX amplifiers and Symetrix Express Cobra DSP systems. In a classic athletic venue like the multipurpose 4,986-seat Guangdong Pharmaceutical University Gymnasium, sixteen R2 and four R.5 loudspeakers by Community were installed, along with eleven Crest Audio CPX amplifiers, Symetrix Express Cobra DSP systems for audio control, and a pair of KV2 EX series loudspeakers for portable applications. Similar equipment was supplied to each of the gymnasiums situated within the vast campus.
Community R-Series was also chosen for installation in the outdoor stadiums of the South China University, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Stadium, Guangzhou University Stadium, Sun Yat Sen University Stadium and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Stadium. “The university desired a state-of-the-art sound system,” said Jun Zhu, Sanecore’s Director of Sales. “Community R-Series was the natural choice for these athletic venues due to their outstanding performance and weather-resistant qualities, and simply because they are proven to be the best for stadium sound.” The 97,000-square meter Central Stadium for track and field is the largest of all the venues, with 50 R2 loudspeakers installed, as well as six Symetrix Cobra DSP systems, 29 QSC CX1202V amplifiers, four CM16A monitors and an Allen & Heath GL3800/40 console.
In total, the multiple venues of Guangzhou University City utilized 124 Community R2 loudspeakers, 124 R.5 systems, 14 R1’s, 30 R.25’s, 6 RMG200 loudspeakers, 47 Crest Audio CPX amplifiers and 20 Symetrix DSP systems. The new sound systems made an impressive debut during China’s Eighth National University Students’ Athletic Competition which was held in various facilities throughout Guangzhou’s campus in 2007.

Release Date: 
Sunday, September 21, 2008