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Community R-Series Helps Dartmouth Kick Off New Soccer Field

March 3, 2008

Hanover, New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College recently gained a new addition to its sprawling sports facilities with the completion of a new competition soccer field in the Chase Athletic Field complex. The 1600-seat venue is outfitted with an audio system designed by Cavanaugh Tocci Associates (CTA) and installed by Burlington, Vermont-based Advance System Design (ASD).

As ASD’s Lead Designer Paul “PR” Appleget explains, the project was completed on a tight timetable. “It was an open field on June 30, and ready for regulation soccer in time for fall semester,” says Appleget. The system is comprised of two Community R6-51 high-output three-way multi-driver arrays, secured to lighting poles via custom-fabricated Polar Focus gimbal-type mounts, with four WET Series W2-2W8 dual 8-inch two-way systems mounted above the grandstand seating. The system is powered by QSC amplification, with a single Biamp Nexia unit handling system DSP. Shure ULX wireless systems and a Shure SCM-800 mixer complete the system.

“Probably the biggest challenge was the venue’s proximity to residences,” observes CTA’s Matthew Moore. “We installed the R6 loudspeakers facing away from the homes to get control over dispersion.”

“We needed to stay within the town of Hanover’s noise ordinance regulations,” adds Appleget, “and the R6’s tight pattern control enabled us to deliver sufficient levels to the field and the stands, even in the face of 1600 cheering fans, without adversely affecting the neighboring homes.”

Appleget points to the “virtual air horn” as one of his favorite features. “Hanover’s noise ordinances would not allow a real air horn, as they’re extremely loud. So Moore and CTA devised a way to trigger a TOA message repeater using a Shure UC wireless system and a belt-clip switch. They get an authentic air horn sound but at a user-defined volume.”

Of course, the end user is the final judge. “This is one of the best sounding systems on any of our fields,” says Randy Meck, Dartmouth athletic department’s Assistant Director of Operations and Facilities.