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Glovicom Installs Community for GlaxoSmithKline

May 20, 2008

Brussels, Belgium - AV and videoconference integrator, Glovicom, has recently completed the installation of a multipurpose Community loudspeaker-based audio system for a GlaxoSmithKline site near Brussels. The system was designed and proposed with support from Community’s BeNelux distributor, M-Pro, and was required to replace an existing system in a large 10m x 80m space used for presentations and conferences.

Due to GlaxoSmithKline’s poor experience with the previous system, audio quality and intelligibility were key as M-Pro’s managing director, Mario Clabots, explained, “The existing sound system was totally unsuited to the difficult acoustic environment at that location. Together with Glovicom we first organised a demo on site, because the customer understandably refused to buy a new system ‘on paper’. The demonstration was successful and clearly showed that good results could be achieved with the right loudspeakers and a properly designed system”.

Kris Vaerewyck, project manager at Aartselaar- based Glovicom, continued, “In the past, I worked as a freelance audio engineer for television work – the spoken voice was normally the most important aspect of my work – so we proposed a turnkey installation as that was the only way to ensure the final result. My very long relationship with Mario was important in choosing the right partner and products for this project. Of course, hearing is believing, so together with M-Pro we proved the system with the live demo.”

The new system is based on Community’s VERIS installation loudspeakers, using twin 8-inch VERIS28 loudspeakers with twin 12-inch VERIS212S subwoofers for FOH. This is augmented by four delay lines of VERIS6s, to provide consistent coverage down the 80m length of the space.

The Community loudspeakers are driven by KIND Audio power amplifiers and the system is completed by a Symnet 8 x 8 DSP plus a Break-In, constituting a 20 x 8 audio DSP matrix system that Clabots says is, “powerful enough to handle all microphones and audio sources, EQ, delays and all other processing required to make the system work properly in this difficult acoustic environment”.
The final installation is confirmed to have received an enthusiastic response from the clients. According to Clabots, their comment following the first major session in this venue was, “Thank you for the great sound and professional service. Finally, people understood what was said during the speech!”