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12-Inch 2-Way
IV6 Modular Vertical Array

I SERIES Modular Vertical Array 600 is a scalable, adaptive sound reinforcement system featuring multiple vertically arrayable elements designed to be used in combination or separately, and with or without splay between cabinets, providing an extensive range of vertical coverage angle and throw distance configurations. Two carefully chosen array elements, 120° x 5° and 120° x 15°, overcome the physical limitations and acoustical tuning difficulties of conventional line arrays and constant-curvature (point source) arrays while maintaining the best qualities of each.

Biamp's new VenuePolar EASE® Focus plugin automates the loudspeaker system design for the Community IV6 Modular Vertical Array, and is included within the IV6 GLL file. IV6 offers two cabinet choices (5° or 15° and has 55 different response shaping within the Passive Acoustic Optimization (PAO) settings found on the rear of the cabinet. VenuePolar helps system designers quickly and easily determine the recommended cabinet quantity, model, frame angle, splay angle for a venue layout as well as determine the PAO settings for each cabinet; reducing countless possible setting combinations to a single button press in the software. Learn more about VenuePolar here.

  • Transducers: LF- 1 x 12" (305mm) ferrite driver, 3" (76mm) voice coil, inherently weather-resistant cone; HF- 2 x 1.7" (43mm) voice coil, 1" (25mm) exit, ketone polymer diaphragm, neodymium compression drivers
  • Operating Range: 40 Hz to 18.5 kHz
  • Passive Array Optimization: Element Attenuation: 15 dB range (in 1.5 dB steps)
  • Continuous Power Handling @ Nominal Impedance: 80V, 400W @ 16 ohms
  • Max continuous output (for 4 cabinets): 139 dB
  • Nominal Beamwidth (H x V); 1122/05 – 120° x 5° (max); 1122/15 – 120° x 15° (max); Vertical beamwidth is array dependent and can be modified by splay brackets
  • Finish: Black or White low gloss, uniformly textured painted 15mm Baltic Birch plywood with powder-coated steel grille; Outdoor (WR): 15mm PolyGlas™, Grey, Black or White heavily textured exterior-rated coating with powder-coated marine-grade aluminum g
  • Dimensions: 14.02" x 28.12" x 16.55" (356 x 714 x 421 mm)
IV6 Accessory Brackets available from Polar Focus
IV6 Glidepoint array frame
IV6 Light array frame/Pullback bar
IV6 Light frame adapter
IV6 Sub behind array frame
Lift point for array frames
IV6 Rigging Frames, Accessories and Safety Guide
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