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In a Reawakening of Downtown Philadelphia, G Sets the Trend

June 29, 2008

Philadelphia, PA - Downtown Philadelphia’s latest hotspot is G, an upscale lounge and restaurant located in the city’s fashionable Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. Billed as “technologically injected pure bliss,” owner Mark Marek’s latest venue features multi-zoned audio, video and lighting systems, creating a flexible environment that can function as several neighboring zones, or can be grouped together to create one or several larger party and performance areas.
“Our ultimate objective was to create a flexible space that could be manipulated to create a multitude of different scenarios,” explains Adam Freemer, systems engineer for Broomall, Pennsylvania-based Audio Video Systems Group (AVSG). “We can create up to 15 individual zones, each of which can access any of several audio and video feeds.”
Audio for the club’s main area is based around Community Professional’s VERIS and iBOX Series systems, with eight VERIS 8 wall-mounted eight-inch systems and twelve flown VERIS 1296 twelve-inch two-way boxes, as well as four flown IHP-1596 15-inch cabinets. The Mogul Room, an ultra-private area fashioned out of a former vault, is outfitted with two more VERIS 8 wall-mounted systems and another pair of SBS-12 subs, creating a warm, subdued and very exclusive atmosphere. The two dance floor areas are powered by Thrive amplifiers from SBS Audio, making G one of the first clubs in the world to feature the amps.
“The iBOX and VERIS systems really sound great right out of the box,” Freemer says. “We didn’t have to do a whole lot in terms of tuning or tweaking the system, and the VERIS boxes are really simple to set up and install.”
The audio source for each of the lounge’s separate zones can be selected by one of fifteen corresponding RANE SR4 remote source and volume selector controls, allowing any potential configuration of zones and room combining.
Most of the club’s main area is home to a uniquely designed 55-foot VersaTILE LED wall created by Austin, Texas-based technology innovators Element Labs. The “electric wallpaper” is made up of several hundred five-inch LED panels, each of which is capable of producing over one billion colors.
G has quickly established a reputation as one of the city’s most popular performance venues, with resident and celebrity DJs from across the U.S and abroad spinning an eclectic mix of musical genres and generations. The DJ facilities are performance oriented, with the larger of the two featuring a small stage for live shows. On two small platforms at either side of the dance floor, backlit, silhouetted dancers shimmy behind white screens. Shure ULX-Series handheld wireless systems empower the DJs and performers to move anywhere within the venue.

Release Date: 
Sunday, June 29, 2008